Sunday, October 26, 2008

My first attempt at putting my pictures on my blog, of course I had Wendy looking over my shoulder. What do you think of this cute little guy? He's not so little any more but still as cute!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This week is a very special week
it is a week of firsts:

The first time to write in a Blog ( it may be the last if I can't figure out how to do pictures)

The birthday of our first child Tiffany Marie Larson Otterstrom who has grown into a beautiful woman, and is raising a wonderful family with her wonderful husband David.

Its also the birthday of my first and only father in law who I consider a Father: David Grant Larson who we all love and miss very much.

Its also the first time I have dyed my mothers hair while we were visiting in Tabiona

Its my first time I have eaten "Zuchinni Quickie" a recipe in Terris cook book. Thats strange I didn't know "quiche" was pronounced Quickie Terri?

Its the first time I have been grocery shopping in a Park City Albertsons. Did you know they sale alot of different stuff in there than the West Valley Albertsons and did you know the prices are cheaper in Park City.

My first drive through the mountains this fall to see the amazing colors. I felt like I was traveling through rivers of shimmer.

And its the first time on a Computer that I pledge my undying love to my patient wonderful husband, and beat him in saying , did I tell you I love you today.

Now that I have written this, now what do I do?